Glass Cutting [Project 5]

With the frames ready, I could cut the soft blue glass for the entertainment centre doors.  They turned out so pretty.  😀

Now, I have a place to hide knick-knacks, records, & some of the electronics — the tv-remote-reader-thingy & the speakers have come out to the shelves.

The most important cut — the first one — went well.  That cut the large 2’x2′ piece for the height of the doors — almost 14″.  Good, that leaves me with a nice-sized piece to use in the bed panels.

The next cut didn’t go so well.  I ended up with a slice at one corner — need to practice cutting the starts deeper.  That left me with a glass piece just big enough to get the two doors out of — with NO mistakes — eek.  😮

So, I made sure to start right at the very edge of the glass & to press as hard at the beginning as the end.  That worked much better — just a little chip at one corner to use groziers on.

Then, I slipped the cut glass into the grooved wood & screwed in the top frame — ta da!  Now to attach the doors onto the centre with fancy copper hinges.  😎

😛 Update Friday 18 Feb:

My room-mate attached the hinges & hung the beautiful doors on the entertainment centre.

I like the copper hinges we used this time — they’re thinner & more decorative than the square pewter ones on the closet doors.

They will match the lion-head knobs I’ll be picking up tomorrow — while I’ve seen them in bronze, only Rona has them in copper.

Not usually a pine fan, I’m really liking the light colour of the wood furniture — it balances the heavier colours of the stove, stereo, bench, & desk.  Behind the pine, the blue of the walls is bright.

The light pine of the entertainment centre allows the focus to fall on the colours of the glass doors.  I’m even getting used to all those screens!  😎



    • Hi Jessica — I get all my glass from Glass-Smith in Victoria — are you on the Isle? You can check their website at for address, hours, etc. I’d love to see your doors when you’re finished. Have fun.

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