Little Jobs Count Too

The bare light bulb of the hallway really bugged me.  Besides looking really ugly [yes, I tried hiding it with ceiling paint], it was also low enough that when I sat on my bed writing, its bright light speared me right in the eyes.  Very, very annoying.

The adjacent kitchen has two nice light fixtures in ribbed glass & white trim so early on I checked out their price at various places — usually about $14.  But it wasn’t the highest priority so the hall light continued to glare at me — even when it wasn’t turned on.

Last month Home Depot had 20% off lights & had a pack of two [2 !] of the kitchen fixtures on sale at $13.  I actually hemmed & hawed a bit because I really only need one and, with 20% off, it would be about $10.

But, come on, a second light for only $3?  I took the pack of two to the automatic checkouts — but what I thought was the sale price still got the 20% discount, so the two lights cost less than $11!  😀  😎

Still, installing it wasn’t a priority with so many other projects on the go.  Then, in between rugby & football games this weekend, my room-mate just decided to put it up.  Bing, bang, boom — ten minutes later & I’ve got a lovely light in the hall NOT glaring in my eyes.

Now, it’s the perfect softness but still bright enough to look into the pantry, do laundry, or let the dogs in & out the door.  Simply a little job that makes a big difference.


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