Expressing Graphic Smileys

As a ‘graphic writer‘, I love playing with type, colour, images, etc.  Up until now, the only smiley faces I knew how to create were the regular guy 🙂 using the colon [:] + dash [-] + right bracket [)], and the red mouth 😛 using colon [:] + dash [-] + capital P.

It’s a rainy, dull day & wanting to express something different than a smile, I finally went on a quest to find the ‘official chart’ of all these smiley faces.  Is there such a thing?

Starting with ‘Smiley‘ at, I found a whole list of other ‘emoticons‘ beginning with the left bracket [(] Unsmiley 😦 using the dash or 😦 not using the dash.  So, second question, why do we need the dash [-] in there if they both appear the same?

Aha, the answer is under emoticon — the dash [-] represents the nose.  But no matter how much I zoom in on these little guys, I do not see a nose — how about you? 😀 [that’s big mouth Smiley with a D]

But on with other expressions — such as 😮 for singing, shocked or surprised Smiley using the letter o, or using x to get 😡 who’s called sealed lips Smiley.  The vertical bar [|] gives us 😐 the dull Smiley, & the semi-colon gives us Winky ;-), sometimes called Half- or Semi-Smiley.

With an equal sign [=] thrown in there [ : -=) ] we’re supposed to get Smiley with a big mustache but as you can tell there’s no Smiley here.  I was really interested in seeing this one but it must be a WordPress thing because lots of others don’t work here, like:

  • bow tie [ : + ) + 8 ]
  • smoking or drooling [ : + – + Q or : + – + ) + ‘ ]
  • square jaw –> : + – + ]
  • sealed lips {different than above?}  [ :-# ]
  • pursed-lips or shocked [ :-* ]
  • twisted-mouth [ :-s ]
  • walrus mustache [ :-“ ], or
  • mega other Smileys like Bozo, Dunce, & Cyclops with Walkmans, hair, even a scuba mask

Funny, I can get the wonderful 😎 with dark glasses by changing the colon to an 8 [ 8 + – + ) ] but not the other Smileys with glasses on forehead or horn-rims.  Wikipedia also lists Western, Eastern, & other Japanese emoticons but again, the codes didn’t work here under WordPress.

I did add to my knowledge base, though, & along with various states of happy 🙂 😛 :-D, I look forward to expressing unhappy or sad :-(, sealed lips :-x, shock or surprise :-o, & even dull or boring :-|.

Then, Every once in awhile, hee hee [oops I should say :-)], I can throw in a little wink 😉 or a bit of cool 😎

** All capital letter graphics are courtesy of Jessica Hische at Daily Drop Cap — check out Site Hi at Dawne Thoughts


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