Leftover Projects

Often so busy with small projects, I find I sometimes let the big ones slide the wayside.  And I’ll just as often let these little details interrupt my progress on a big project — glass I got a month ago is still waiting for me to do something with it.

I jumped at the 3 extra days available before having to move in here — so much easier to paint ceilings & walls without anything in the way to get splattered on.  So, I quickly painted all the ceilings, except the bathroom, in a really light blue.  Then, in what I call a ‘sea-sky blue’, my room-mate & I painted a couple coats on the walls in the living room, my room, & most of the hallway along the kitchen.

I painted the two corner walls that make up the kitchen & the upper cabinets in a semi-gloss ivory — even got the stove pulled out & painted behind it.  With food & dishes inside the cupboards, I left the interiors unpainted.

But painting is not my forté — after the first month, I left that behind & simply started ignoring the eyesores.  Thus I created ‘leftover projects’ — some with guilt trips that weigh heavier each day.

The bottom cabinets in the kitchen had to wait a couple months [I know, way too long!] until I figured out how I was going to cheaply fix the mismatched hardware.  The dirty, handle-less, brown doors & drawer-fronts juxtaposed sharply with all the fresh ivory above & beside them.  [Aha, but I’ve progressed on this — just one more little job to do . . .]

The short hallway wall is another brown leftover — painting that’ll be a bit of a pain because it’s filled with nooks & crannies for the washer opening, bathroom door, & ugly-hole-for-what-looks-like-the-old-chimney.

As usual, I’ve got lots of trim still unpainted.  And both sides of the 4 doors in this place are still brown wood — they all need priming & at least one coat of ivory semi-gloss.

I wasn’t going to start on the bathroom until I’d finished the rest of the house — it’s going to be a different colour & needs major prep work on some of the trim & a little water-damaged spot by the tub.  But I couldn’t resist & sanded down the ugly metal cabinet above the sink.  It’s been a couple days so now it’s waiting for me, too.

But I’ve been busy with ‘more important’ things — messing about with stenciling; designing tv, bookcase, & desk units; moving my glass-cutting operation indoors; & of course, taking pics & writing here.

Sometimes there’s a very good reason for me to create a leftover project — I’m still thinking about creative ways to deal with the walls behind the black wood stove.  Yeah, I could simply paint them the same colour as the living room but it’s the perfect opportunity to do something a little different.

I like different.  So, it takes a little time to live with that spot — especially as it relates to the evolving room.  Throughout that time, my creative brain is clicking — formulating the ‘perfect’ solution.

Rome wasn’t built in a day — decorating a home can take even longer.


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