Weekly Creativity

I’m taking up the challenge from WordPress to write something here every week — a similar assignment [to post weekly creative acts] in one of my last university courses was the reason for the creation of this site.

Currently, I have a few projects ‘on-the-go’:

  • Bed Headboard –> I now have all the glass & lead to make the stained glass panel but need to get some plywood [or maybe an old door] & padding to make the fabric portion — hopefully before the end of January.  As soon as I complete my pattern, I can start cutting glass.  Since my carpenter got a router for Christmas, he can make grooves in the wood for the glass to sit in — I need to adjust the pattern by 1/8″ all around.
  • Closet Shelving Unit –> This project has blossomed from a simple set of shelves to a full closet reorganization.  The middle tower is completed as shown & levels out the sagging closet rod as required.  The frame for the right tower is completed but the plans have had to change a bit.  Using the wrong measurement, my carpenter made the shelves 13½” wide instead of 12″ — leaving a fairly large gap when the fabric cubes are placed inside.  So, now we’re using a framed piece of glass as a door on each top shelf [similar to my window on the middle tower] with one cube on the bottom.
  • Interior Painting –> Infamous for taking a long time to finish painting trim, I have quite a lot of ivory still to do here in my new rental home.  This week I plan to finish the kitchen bottom cabinets — maybe even the trim of the 2 remaining windows in the kitchen & my bedroom.  Oh, & of course, I haven’t even started on the bathroom yet — hmmm . . . next month!
  • Stained Glass Website –> Starting January 11th [my grandson’s 12th birthday], I’ll be starting up my first website on wordpress.org with my own domain name.  This is an exciting project for me — documenting my growth as an artist using stained glass — & mosaics & wrought iron & rocks & . . . anything else that strikes my fancy!

By the time I finish all that, I’ll have a few more projects lined up.  And, the whole time I’ll be organizing rooms & the workshop as I work in them more.  And, of course, I’ll be writing on my websites.

I have quite a busy year planned.  The butterfly unfolds from the cocoon.


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