Glass Fun, Fun, Fun [Project 3]

Yup, girls just wanna have fun!  So, so much fun cutting stained glass tonight.  And yup, I’m working on a flower [with leaves made from a gorgeous light-orange/white opaque, pearlized glass].

Here it is, almost midnight, & I’m still revved up.  It’s just so great to be in a large workshop for stained glass — like coming home.  There’s a wall filled with cubby holes of small pieces of glass — hundreds of colours to choose from.  And there’s lots of room to work on three big tables that run down the middle.

I was a little nervous going in — you know, lots of people & not wanting to be the worst of everyone.  But there’s only two other ladies & the instructor whose a professional stained glass window designer, fabricator, & installer.  Exactly what I aspire to be when I grow up, hee hee.

The poor guy wanders among us–with helpful tips for cutting [like those pesky curves & circles] & breaking the glass–but sometimes has to leave us alone.  All four of us agreed–nobody likes someone hovering or, worse, talking, when you’re cutting freehand on a curve.

So, once-in-awhile, he worked a bit at the station beside me, on the same pattern with pieces someone else had cut but not finished.  [It was really cool to get a glimpse of him leading — only 2 more sleeps & I get to do it!]

Of course he often got interrupted when we were dealing with the hardest part of cutting for a pattern — making it fit.  Gotta stay inside the black lines.  [Stained glass patterns have thicker lines to allow for the copper foil/lead soldering between pieces.]

If the piece was too small, it meant cutting a new one — a waste of glass!  If the piece was too big, it meant grinding — and you’re pretty-well assured the curved ones will need it.  So, I got some great pointers from him about using my grinder — same model as they had there!

Yup, I really like small groups.  It was especially great to talk to a professional who has done stained glass work for 5 yrs & earns a living creating & restoring stained glass projects.  He says it is a little slower in the winter, but he has work all year-long.  Wow, what a great boost to my confidence in me doing the same!!

I know Victoria has a ton of Victorian homes [ha ha, thus our name] with a ton more stained glass windows in them.  Also, government & parliament buildings, & of course, churches.

The owner of the glass shop had a beautiful church window on the go in our workroom.  It had an arch at the top & four beautiful native-art circles down the centre.  Absolutely gorgeous!  More inspiration.

Time for me to work on my own window design for my bed.


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