Furniture Design [Project 7]

Photoshop image of 4-poster bed with side tables.


I absolutely love combining wood & glass.  The solidness of the wood juxtaposes strongly with the delicateness of the glass — yet wood can be delicate & glass is really quite strong.

I used Photoshop [Ps] to design simple wooden frames for my bed & side tables. Using photos of the fabric, I could place the bedding [bedskirt, duvet, & pillows], fabric headboard, & glass panel in the bed frame.

It’s a simple matter to turn off these layers to view just the bed frame — with or without the headboard pieces.  In the Ps image right, I have started a design for the stained glass but am working at simplifying it so larger pieces are used — thus less pieces to cut & solder in place to ensure I get this done before next year!

As soon as the bed was up, Lady found her spot.

🙂  My room-mate did the woodwork & now the frame is finished. [It’s so BIG I couldn’t get all 4 posts in one camera image.]  It is simple & sturdy but with a touch of elegance — I absolutely love it!  I feel like royalty sitting up here.

Lady certainly thinks this was all done for her benefit — she immediately claimed it as her own & likes to lay across the back pillows like a queen.  😛

And yipee, I’m up about 2 feet higher than before.  Now, sitting in bed, I can see directly out to the back & watch the geese swimming or flying away.

Of course, it’s a beautiful medieval bed!  Strong 4″x4″ posts [6′ high at the head & 4′ at the foot] on an equally strong base with enough room underneath to put containers for clothes.  I originally planned for something like roll-out containers but they’re like $20 & actually not very high.  I found that the new laundry basket was actually the perfect height to go under — so I went & got four more & now there’s plenty of storage hidden by the bedskirt.


The gorgeous stained glass caps [actually for outdoor fencing] perfectly match my colour scheme & have a geometric design á la Frank Lloyd Wright [my favourite designer & architect].  Yes, they make the bed even bigger & it takes up just about the whole room — but it is the main focal point.

Found the caps at Home Depot when we went looking for decorative wooden caps — usually about $5 — but as soon as I saw these, I was hooked — at $15 each!  OMG, these are beautiful — can we make this bed really unique?  They tie in so well with the stained glass panel in the headboard.

Well, in every budget there needs to be room to splurge a little — together, the four caps cost more than the wood posts & legs, hee hee.

There were two other designs of stained glass to choose from — purple [ugh!] with small blue flowers with pretty iron tendrils or orange/yellow/pink [another ugh!] huge flowers.  But, these have the gold from my duvet & the blue from the walls — besides having a great design.  [Why does everybody do flowers in stained glass?]

Draft design for headboard glass panel — needs simplifying!

The next step now is to make the headboard with some beautiful yellow brocade fabric I have — just need to get some padding.  Then, to make a glass panel for the headboard.  I’m designing it to be a similar pattern as the post caps.  I was thinking of putting a smaller glass panel in the footboard but now that the bed is up, it might make it too crowded — we’ll see.

In the meantime, my room-mate is making two matching side tables which I am putting a glass top on.  Lots more fun to come.

Update 2010 Nov. 28th:  Yippee — the side tables are up!  Gorgeous, aren’t they?  More info at Creativity XXV — Glass Cutting.


Update 2011 April 28th: Check out the final design for the bed at Glass II — Waiting for the Sun. [Watch for the unveiling of the glass panels & the bed in mid-May.]

😉  Not long now  😉


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