Creative Act XVI – Photoshop

My latest project — of course I ran out of time before the deadline — I wasn’t too happy with the way some of the snowflakes were scrunched at the top & they were in too much of a line to look natural [see bottom version].

Because there was something like 62 flakes, it took me awhile to find the ones I wanted to change.  Again, because there was so many, I decided to merge the first 30-odd layers under the ones I wanted to change — suddenly those flakes were all pure white!

Oh duh, because I had originally set different opacity levels for all those layers, of course merging into one meant Ps had to set the opacity level to all the same.  Well, now I understand.

I really like the effect with some flakes pure white & the others at different opacity levels.  This was the assignment as I handed it in:

This was for AE 310 — Intro to Applied Design at UVic.  I’m going to continue to “improve” the poster to learn more features of Photoshop.

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design


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