Creativity Act XIV — Technology

I realized something today when I was about to write an email.  When I use technology, I love being creative with it.  With all the great graphics out there, many software companies offer really cool graphics to fit as “skins” or “themes” to fill the banner or other space that was white.  Bright white.

Too bright.  I’ve had poor eyesight from the time I was too young to know.  Then, when I was five & had my tonsils removed, I banged my head on the bars of the hospital bed in the recovery room when waking up.  My eyes were sore from the light so they had to keep the drapes drawn — Mom got me neat white plastic sunglasses with little goats on the corners.  Oh wow, a five-yr-old thought these were cool!  It was kinda neat sitting in the dark as the hospital bustled about.  I digress.

So I use these graphics to cover as much white as I can.  I noticed when starting the new email that there was a lot of white space & hurt my eyes.  [I know, turn down the brightness, but then I lose the ability to read the coloured print.]

But I noticed how I’ve creatively set up my screens & took a snap of it:

Lots of white with cat eyes peeking in corner

I also noticed when posting this how some software make it easier on my eyes by “greying out” the background when it sends me to a smaller screen:

Greyed-out background with full cat eye banner

I’m delighted by the aesthetic pleasure colour gives me!


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