Creative Act XI – Creative Group Project

Group Project Summary

Being creative involves emotions.  Our project explores how we portray our inner & outer creative beings — we mask our internal emotions with an external mask.  We’re representing this internal core with a metal skeleton surrounded by bottles with various thoughts/emotions stuffed inside [causing more stress].  Beside this, Julie is sitting [small, not fully expressed] covered with plaster representing the persona we show to the world.

We collected images of people & asked them what emotion they were feeling — these represent the collective unconsciousness we are all a part of.  A main point we’d like to make is that “we are all in this together” & would like to break down barriers between people by acknowledging the human experience of our complicated emotions.

I collected photos, emotions & supplies, and helped with our Julie sculpture exhibit [poor girl was so tired — special award please!] — oh yeah, I took the photos here.  But, because of illness, my attendance at labs was extremely poor — thus I was late even getting into a group.  Thankful for the internet, most of my communication with other group members was by email or at lectures.  It was because of the kindness of the members of my group that I even salvaged this portion of the course.  They represented our theme & truly “walked the walk” not just “talked the talk”.

Chris & his statue
Jake with Chris finishing setup
Heather lathering Julie with plaster
Moving Julie to the exhibit mat
Oh my Heather, what's that on your butt?

But emotions are a major part of my life & this project has succinctly summarized my experience with this course.  Fine Arts 100 has, surprisingly, been much more about bringing out my creative being by understanding & working with my psychological self, rather than by simply creating art.  I am excited about being creative now & look forward to a life surrounded by creativity.  Thank-you all so much.


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