Creative Act X — Blog Design

It seems appropriate that my 10th creative act is the same as my 1st creative act — blogging.  But my creativity has exploded from learning to setup one blog for our Fine Arts 100 course, to creating & administering SIX blogs!  And, all of them free — ooh, the shopper in me always likes a great bargain.

1.  Dawne Design at started 2010 Jan 10 as a UVic assignment where we had to start up a blog to explore our creativity through creative acts, reflections on course readings, book response, and a research paper.  I had a bit of frustration but a great deal of fun & spent hours exploring, trying new features, & lots of “fiddling” around.

While blogging on Dawne Design, I often had goals such as wanting to use colour in fonts [aha, found ScribeFire for Firefox] & inserting a 2 yr-old shawvideo [yes, collect all my videos at vodpod].  Of course, the more I learned, the more fun I had.  Plans for this blog are to continue with showcasing creative acts, especially in stained glass & writing.  As it grows more professional, pets, children & grandchildren may get a new blog!

2.  Dragon’s Heart & Soil Ltd. at  started 2010 March 18 when WordPress [wp] introduced a dark wood theme which I thought would suit my son’s business for tree & landscape care.  We plan to show before & after images of work he’s done to help his business grow.  As he also enjoys photographing nature & his young family, we can separate off these aspects from the tree blog with links or pages to his image galleries.

3.  Blakeman Family at started 2010 March 27 for my family of six siblings & two parents & various younger generations to keep up with family news. I’d also like to start a geneology project here with my Mom.

4.  MC Bryant at  started 2010 March to showcase a friend’s creativity side in photography & video.  He works at computer programming for a living & does not have time to “manage” a blog — the current plan is for me to upload his best images & write short descriptions.  I will earn a tiny fee but it’s a baby step towards Creativity Bucket List #12 — Earning a Living Being Creative!

5.  Ms Blogger Helps at  started 2010 March 28 [yes, I entered a blogging frenzy!] when I wanted to collect little tidbits to help newbie bloggers out there.  Coming from a word processor & computer trainer background, I guess it comes naturally to me to want to cut through the complexity of technical jargon & help people who don’t want to be computer experts.  As I learn more, I’m sure this blog will expand — maybe it’ll earn some advertising revenue some day.

6. I also started a more personal, short diary entries, type of blog but am not making it public.  I picked the “Sunburst” theme because it suits my style of posts here.

I look forward to exploring my creativity & furthering my knowledge in the blogging world.  There is still a tremendous amount to learn in the free version of WordPress alone and there is a theme design contest on “Weebly” at that I’m interested in.  Then, of course I could carry on to coding CSS style sheets when I’m ready to spend $15/yr [for each blog that warrants it].  Unlimited creativity.


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