Creative Act VI — Poetry

I cannot remember ever writing a poem!  Obviously, it must have been an assignment in an early elementary classroom but I know I managed to wiggle out of writing any poetry in high school.  So, inspired by fellow classmates’ & guest lecturers’ work, I decided I had to cross that scary boundary for one of these creative acts.


Dark crowding everywhere
Pounding crashing
No thoughts can stay
Come back good
Go away bad
Go away
You don’t belong here.

Tears flowing thunder
Pressing salt rain
Feelings crowd the brain
No thoughts can stay
Where do they go?
How can it be?

Pain rupturing through all
The heart cries
It can’t be true
No thoughts can stay
While time escapes
Others enjoy.

Hope flashing dry
No where for life
No why
No thoughts can stay
But one
Go away bad
Go away
No thoughts can stay
Who can help?
Where is help?

Can you listen?
Thoughts can stay.

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