Reading Break

“There’s always someone who ruins a photo”
(image from one of millions of emails forwarded by friends & family)

Wow, time sure does fly when you’re having fun, eh?  Of course, beautiful spring weather like we’re having on the big Isle right now sure helps too.  Lady & I have been having wonderful walks to the lake — an amazing assortment of dogs for her to play & swim with.  And, although I seem to take lots of pictures of her, none portray Lady’s joyful & curious nature!  Of course, the best opportunities always come when I don’t have my camera with me.

The other day we were down at the main beach with about 8 or 9 other dogs — & their respective human caretakers — when out of nowhere a big bird [I, a transplanted prairie girl, couldn’t grasp what it was — a huge hawk? — it’s wide like an owl, can’t be?] — this bird swooped down towards the water, then just hovered for a few seconds right in front of us — huge wings spread wide, about 6 or so? tail feathers stretching across it’s back with a wide white border that looked like it was perfectly painted on.

There was a collective gasp from all us humans & we were all suspended in time — nobody seemed too worried about their dogs — there was only one small poodle there, our neighbour Rollie, & he doesn’t go into the water; all the other dogs were larger & only a couple were in the water.  We were entranced by this magical bird.  As suddenly as it came, it turned & gracefully flew to the top of the highest tree overlooking us.

Now I could tell it was an eagle — gorgeous white head & the tail feathers folded as I normally saw them.  It sat there elegantly — knowing we were all watching it.  Then everyone starting jabbering at once — dogs barked & wanted sticks & balls thrown into the water — and the busy lake returned to its normal noisy fun.

Of course, it hasn’t all been fun — it is “Reading Break” from university classes but not from assignments.  I’ve been working on two Creative Acts — one trying to improve my photography skills (even if it is just a cheap little digital) by taking close-up shots of the pretty spring flowers popping up — the other is “creatively” organizing my tiny RV so I can not only find a place for all my “stuff” but, most importantly, be able to find something when I need it!!  I’ve tried doing something everyday & it’s actually starting to show now — I look forward to putting together my “before & after” pics.

Besides reading & research for our essay & reflection, I also have a music mid-term coming up that I’m a bit worried about.  I’ve done okay on the quizzes but an open-book homework assignment is not the same as sitting in the classroom with a deadline looming in less than an hour!  Oh, the anxiety.  It’s crazy too — I’ve played the piano, mini-tuba, & bagpipes when I was younger [oh, so much younger] & of course had to read music.  So, you’d think it’d be easy for me to learn to write music.  Hmmmm — what note is that again? . . . Every Good Boy Deserves Fun — oh yeah, F; now a semi-tone higher?  Hmmmm — can I convert that to a piano keyboard??  Eeeek!!  Chords?  Oh, I loved doing chords, . . . but what’s this stuff about upper-third?  moving thirds?  Huh?  Adding a fourth note to a chord?  Oh my, can’t reading break be longer?

Are you done work yet?  I’m tired of being in here while you play with that silly metal box that you keep sticking in my face!


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