Mini Berry Cakes

Strawberry Shortcake is my favourite dessert but, even with guests, I rarely consume a whole cake in one day & by the next day the berry juice has soaked into the cake — not nearly so appealing.  These mini versions are healthy, quick & easy to prepare, allow each person to “customize” their portion, and provide leftovers just as tasty for days afterward.


  • mini Angel Food cakes or dessert shells [prepackaged]
  • fresh berries or melons [strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, etc.]
  • sugar, brown or white [optional]
  • whipped cream or yogurt [or Cool Whip or Devonshire Cream]; for a little extra flavour, add 1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract or Almond Flavouring when whipping the cream — or use a flavoured yogurt such as French Vanilla

Place one mini-cake or shell in the bottom of a dessert, or onion soup, bowl.  Pile on your favourite fruit.  Add sugar if you really have to.  Top off with your choice of dairy, or almost-dairy, product.  Enjoy.

Mmmm, Heaven.


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