Rough Seas

Such a calm moon in a calm sky

Whoa — it’s been pretty rough around my place lately!  Living in an RV at Thetis Lake is cheap & close to nature but it also means I’m a “mini-homeowner” & get all the same problems that go with owning a home — mini-sized but still capable of causing major disruption.  And not having water is pretty major.

Well, it’s not entirely true that I “don’t have water” — it’s that the RV’s plastic connections that carry the water back & forth did not last the winter without splitting.  So, okay, got a new connector for incoming but a leak means when the main water is on, I start flooding the ground between me & my neighbour — not friendly!  So, it’s an RV & has an internal water tank for travelling — at least that’ll work until . . . who knows when I can get someone to look at my pipes inside.  Nope, the pump is not working so no water is coming out of the taps.  Eeek!

So, no dishes, no shower, no toilet — this is double eeek!  It’s a VERY good thing I have a friend across our little street that lets me use his RV’s washroom — he has more of a Japanese bath in his shower anyway so there’s more room.  But I sure would appreciate having the modern convenience of plumbing at my place.  If I found a Genie in a lamp by the lake tomorrow that would be my first wish!  And the second would be to wish this stupid cold I’ve had for 3 weeks be banished from my sinuses & lungs — oh how nice it would be to breathe deeply without coughing!  And the third . . . do Genie’s do 3 wishes still?

The third SHOULD be [shoulda, coulda, woulda] a better vehicle to replace my beater that’s given me many good years but probably not one more — BUT a bigger, better organized RV would be nice — mmm . . . anyone seen any Genie lamps floating in Thetis Lake lately?  Surely the Pacific Ocean would have a few — are they as rare as whales these days?  Or a well-fed polar bear?

Well, at least I have a home — I could live in Haiti & not have clean water available, never mind shelter.  I will have to be as creative as so many Haitians have to be right now — I have a lot more to work with here & only myself, and my crew of pets, and my piles of books & notes, and my glass art supplies, and, and, . . . to worry about.  But, to really warp a cliche — a little creativity can go a long way, so, mmm, what can I design?  mmm, I’m off again — got some measuring for shelves to do.

Bella with me at beach outside Sidney summer 2001

I am extremely lucky to have been born in Canada & be able to live in this wondrous part of it.  And I thank my Creator Spirit every day for that.


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