Creative Act IV — Photography Effects

I have this idea for a window where the lines of the design resemble the trunks & branches of birch trees in the winter.  I took some pictures on a semi-clear day of birch & fir trees in Metchosin, testing different settings on my Nikon Coolpix.

The lines of the birch trees are discernible in these images but have areas “flashed” by the light of the sky.

They are not a good “photographic” image but I can manipulate the image in Photoshop for my purposes to get natural looking lines rather than artificial, drawn lines.

Some images came out too dark in the original — iPhoto allows for enhancements to be made & I started with lowering Shadow & increasing Saturation.

There is one image I’m not sure which of the modified versions I like better (not for this window project — it has limited lines).  Although the original appears almost all dark here (.jpg), the camera & iPhoto version show the lone branch brighter.  I applied more changes than “enhancement” to produce the brightest version here — but each pixel was even more degraded resulting in a very grainy image.

I will be using these images in Photoshop when I’m ready to make the window pattern.


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