Animals & Technology

Stormy Stonehenge (photo by Gustl, Germany --

Well, of course there would be problems in this wonderful world of technology I am dealing with!  There is a small image of me [an Avatar for you technies] in the sidebar — really!  And, I made up a poll about your favourite pets & expected to see it on this page — mmmm, it is Open, but where is it?  No, no Widget to move, mmmm.  And, I even downloaded a couple of “fancy” fonts to use in the header & typing here but guess what?  That’s right — I have to learn a bit of HTML tagging — sorry, not today, my mind is still in music class.

Now that’s where technology really comes in handy — music.  Without a tv, I constantly have music playing so the internet is fantastic — I have access to almost every composition ever produced . . . and then some!  Although I’m still looking for “Desiderata” — the poem put to music in the 70s — I know it’s not a figment of my imagination but many of my peers don’t even remember this song, never mind anyone of the younger generations!

I made both Lady & Pardus happy today when I finally switched the electric oil heater with a new little electric fireplace.  Each of them found a nice spot on the bed & napped — with some loud snoring out of Lady!  Hopefully, I’ll be happier because of lower electric bills.  At least they’ve both settled down — earlier, they were fighting like, ha ha, cats & dogs, ha ha.  No really, Pardus growls & meows at Lady whenever she puts her clumsy paw on him — “gee,” Lady wonders, “what’s wrong?  I’m just trying to be friendly.”  But of course, Pardus’ definition of friendship is definitely not the same as Lady’s!

Lady thinks she can be friends with everyone — I have to be extra diligent on UVic property — lots of bunnies to meet!  Today she thought she’d go to class with a very nice girl — oh no you don’t — everyone knows cats are smarter!

Mollie & Lady
Yes, can we help you? (photo by Mark Bryant)

Maybe she’s missing her friend Mollie, who’s in Tahsis now.  They wrestle & play inside — run & play outside.  Of course, that’s what she does with all her dog friends — especially her sister, Princess.  After a visit with her sister, Lady is dead tired — barely even lifts her head at the Timmy’s window — but of course she still does; she might get a donut.  Play.  Very important for all of us.  And, that’s just what I’m going to do on this site — play.  Play with words; play with images; play with fonts; play with the technology; play with the world!  And that will make me happy.  And tired.


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